List Building Overview – Step 1 : Create an Awesome Opt-in Offer

Welcome to the first part of my List Building Overview – Create an Awesome Opt-in Offer

The first thing you must do to create your own traffic source:

1) Create an opt-in offer (bribe) that will convince people to join your list. 

So let’s do it! There are tons of ways to create an awesome product, but I’m going to show you the fastest and easiest way to make a product of your own.

We are going to look into using high-quality PLR products to get a product rolling fast. Now please pay attention here. A LOT of people fail at this because they do it wrong.

PLR means “Private Label Rights.” An item with a PLR license can be edited and resold without infringing on anyone’s copyright. So what we’re going to do is take the best bits of a PLR item and then make it 100x better with just a little bit of work.

Pretty cool, right?, is one of my favourite places to get high-quality PLR content to use. Just a fair warning, this is a membership site, but honestly the cost is so low that it’s a steal for what you get.

As an example, let’s create a guide about how to build a list.But really, this could be anything. It could be about how to build a boat or how to start making mobile games.

Once you get to, search for a topic that interests you. Look through the titles and find 1one you like. There are real good ones.

** At this point, I do want to make you aware of the different license types available. **

Resale Rights:
You may resell the product to someone else, but you may not edit the product. There may or may not be restrictions on how much you can charge, depending on the product’s creator.

Master Resale Rights:
The same as resale rights, but you ALSO can sell the rights to resell the product.

Private Label Rights (PLR):
Unlike RR and MRR, you MAY edit the product, rebrand it as your own or make a completely new

Personal Rights:
These are for your own personal use only. You are free to download and read them but you may not edit or resell them. So now you should have a PLR product downloaded.

At this point, we get into the fun stuff. Are you excited? You should be! Open up the PLR product you just
downloaded and read through it. Glance through it and look for any juicy bits that stand out.

Now, if you’re lazy and don’t want to do this boring bit by yourself, you could hire a freelancer via .Have a freelancer on one of those sites pull out the best bits. You’d basically say, “Hey,freelancer, please look at this document and pull out the best stuff for me.

Just get the best, most important stuff and put it into a document in a logical order.” Once you get the best bits either yourself or from your freelancer, create a simple mindmap of the info. You can do this yourself, or again, outsource it.

So what do you have then? You have a concise product that isn’t a tome and shows people the basics of building a list (or whatever your topic may be). This is something you can easily give away as  an opt-in bribe or even sell.

So what did we do?
1) We picked and downloaded a good PLR product.

2) We pulled out the most important bits.

3) We made a good mindmap presentation out of the information in the PLR product.

I’ll end this post there for now, but there is a lot more I want to show you! The next part may even be the
most important. We’re going to get a squeeze page online so we can start collecting emails into our list!

Now would be a good time to get your product created. Just go through the steps. We’re going to use your product going forward.

Make sure you check out the next post !

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